Kidney Dialyser Manufacturing Line Hemodialysis Membrane Manufacturing Euquipment Dialysis Hollow Fiber Manufacturing Line

From 2000, we start to research and develop hemodialysis membrane (Polysulfone or Polyethersulfone hollow fiber), 4 years later, we finally have 7 patents for our technologies of hemodialysis membrane industry application. Comparing the technology of Germany and Japanese, we extremely reduce production and labor cost, all equipments from Hollow Fiber to Dialyzer, we design the production lines are full automation. Polysulfone/Polyethersulfone hollow fiber commonly use for manufacturing hemodialyzer, hemofiltration, hemodialfiltration, Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy(CRRT), Continuous Blood Purification(CBP) and WATER TREATMENT for cooling water circulation system, municipal wastewater, domestic wastewater, industrial wastewater, medical bacteria-free, seawater desalination.

Initial application, we perfectly use PS/PES membrane on the dialyzer/dialyser manufacturing in 2005, all the equipments were design by ourself. The automation equipments include 1)PS/PES Hollow Fiber Manufacturing Line; 2)Dialyzer/Dialyser Manufacturing Line.

Second application, will use for WATER TREATMENT, innovative technology to save water, save environmental and protect the earth.