2000 Started polysulfone/polyethersulfone hollow fiber commercialization research and development.

2003 Finished design and equipment for PS/PES hollow fiber manufactured.

2004 Obtained the patents for equipmennts of hollow fiber manufacturing.

2005 Finished PS/PES hollow fiber industry application research.

2006 Finished dialyzer assembling design and manufactured.

2007 Started to evaluate the membrane for dialyzer manufacturing.

2008 Started clinical trial of dialyzer

2009 Obtained Dialyzer Production Certificate

2010 Continued research and upgrade the equipments.

2011 Finished PS/PES Hollow Fiber Manufacturing Line upgrade to automation.

2013 Finished PS/PES Dialyzer Manufacturing Line upgrade to automation.

2014 The mature technologies integrated:

1) PS/PES Hollow Fiber Manufacturing


2) Dialyzer Manufacturing


3) Automation Production Line for PS/PES Hollow Fiber


4) Automation Production Line For Dialyzer


2015 To help more investors to setup their own factory with our advanced polysulfone hollow fiber technology to produce low cost dialyser.