1  Mr. Jiang (Chief Technology Officer)
The Senior Expert of synthetical fiber, he has over 30 years experience of synthetical fiber. Rich experience help us easy to solve any problem during manufacturing from hollow fiber to finish product-dialyzer. 

2 Mr. Zhang (R&D Director)
Over 10 years hollow fiber R&D. Rich manufacturing experience on Polysulfone/Polyethersulfone convert to membrane which qualified fiber for hemodialysis application.

3 Mr. Ya (Production Manager)
Over 10 years production management for producing membrane.

4 Mr. Liang (General Manager and International Business Director)
Over 8 years hemodialysis industry work experience from 2007.

5 Mr. Wu (Marketing Director)
Over 10 years hemodialysis industry work experience, having good relationship with chinese suppliers, clients and social resouces. 

6 Mr. Yu (Special Consultant)
Over 20 years Research & Development on automation production line.