• Hemodialysis Membrane
    Hemodialysis Membrane

    15 years continuously research to achieve huge Scientific Research Achievements and commercialize polysulfone polyethersulfone hollow fiber on dialyzer manufacturing.... Time:2016-05-05 16:27:54

  • Dialyzer Membrane Manufacturing Equipment
    Dialyzer Membrane Manufacturing Equipment

    The automated dialyser assembling production line, minimal reduce manpower needs. The production capacity from 0.3 million to 5 million piece per year. Model Capacity... Time:2016-05-05 16:26:13

  • Polysulfone(PS) & Polyethe-sulfone(PES) Hollow
    Polysulfone(PS) & Polyethe-sulfone(PES) Hollow

    Polysulfone(PS) Polyethe-sulfone(PES) Hollow Fiber PS or PES Hollow Fiber is one of the most membrane in hemodialysis field. It is because of its several beneficial f... Time:2015-11-26 14:05:59

  • Dialyser Technology
    Dialyser Technology

    Hemodialysis Supplies: PS Dialyzer Name: PS Dialyzer Origin: China MOQ: 5,000 pcs Description: Single-Use, high efficiency. Inspection: State Food and Drug Administra... Time:2015-11-16 10:57:16